Fall Line R Rebuild Kit

Fall Line R Rebuild Kit


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This product is also available at Amazon.com in USA. Available here WITH TOOLS or WITHOUT TOOLS

These kits include a new wipers, nut seal, key's, lower bumper, as well as upper and lower bushings. The kit also includes a small amount of Grease as required for the rebuild. Use this kit if your post is getting worn, your wipers are torn/worn out, or if you have started to leak air from the main nut.

See the Specs tab for a list of the Kit Contents.

In order to rebuild a Fall Line R seatpost with this Kit you will need a standard cassette spline tool like the Park FR-5 or similar (NOT INCLUDED):

All of the parts and components have been designed and tested by our professional engineers and meet a high standard of quality.  These parts have been tested in our lab and on the trails, in spring, Texan summer, fall, and the Canadian winter. Be cautious of rebuild kits offered by other vendors as they may not be of sufficient quality and could void your warranty.

The Cassette spline tool is NOT included.
Our KEY INSTALL TOOL, AIR CUSHION TOOL and BRAKE RELEASE TOOL are now included in the rebuild kit.

Kit Contents:

Brake Release, Key Install, and Air Cushion Tools (Optional)
Qty SKU Description
1 0000-1044 Wiper
1 0000-0531 Main Air Seal (X-Ring)
1 0000-1051 Nut O-Ring Seal
1 0000-0778 Foam Lube Ring
1 0000-0523 Spline Nut O-Ring Seal
1 0000-1043 FLR Bottom-out Bumper
2 0000-0522 Mast O-Ring Seal
1 0000-0225 Top Telescopic Bushing
1 0000-1035 Bottom Telescopic Bushing
0000-1052 FLR Key Assembly
(Bullet Nose Key, Spring, Tail Key) 
1 0000-0672 P10L Grease, 1/4oz Jar
1 0000-1034 Seal Support Ring (SSR)
1 0000-1053 Schrader Cap Retaining Ring
1 0000-0222 Schrader Cap O-Ring Seal
1 0000-1045 Air Cushion
1 0000-0526 Retaining Ring
1 0000-1323 Brake Release Tool (optional)
1 0000-1054 Key Install Tool (optional)

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