General FAQ

Our products are available to be purchased direct from 9point8™ through our eStore within this website, or through our Retail Partners. You can deal direct with us, the manufacturer, or our retail partners where you made your purchase for any service or warranty issues.

Retail Partners are local bike shops who have agreed to work with us and sell 9point8™ products using a Direct-to-Retailer model. We sell direct to them and they sell to you; no distributors. Click HERE to find a Retail Partner.

Yes! If you have any questions you can contact 9point8™ via email or live chat. If you would like to speak to a 9point8™ customer service team member, simply email or chat, provide your telephone number, and we will call you back.

You can contact 9point8™ via email or live chat. If you would like to speak to a 9point8™ customer service team member, simply email or chat, provide your telephone number, and we will call you back.

Fall Line FAQ

We offer the following strokes as standards: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm.

Absolutely! Any post can have the stroke reduced by addition of our spacers, available here. These spacers can be installed by the factory or can be purchased separately and installed by the user (brake release tool required).

Note: spacers reduce the overall length of the post and stroke by the same amount.

Our post is among the lightest in the market when compared against similar stroke posts. In fact, our 125mm stroke post weighs nearly the same as one of our competitor's 75mm stroke carbon fibre offerings! The Fall Line R series ranges from 322g for the 30.9mm 275x75mm up to 436g for the 31.6mm 435x150mm

Our remote actuator and cable assembly is mid-pack weight wise. It is the lightest assembly on the market that allows flexible installation positions (both standard and 1X).

Yes! We now offer oval rail CR heads, available with new posts or as aftermarket kits found here.

Our head allows independent adjustment between fore-after seat movement and seat angle.  Our head also allows easy access to the air valve in a light weight and compact package!  The secret to it's success is using a forged 7000 series alloy for maximum fatigue strength and custom PVD coated Titanium fasteners and hardware to minimize weight while eliminating galling.  As a bonus you can also convert between an inline and offset (set-back) head in less than 5 minutes, with the purchase of a new head, at any time! Fall Line R offers 3 head positions with Inline, Offset (rear only) and Forehead (forward offset)

All of our Fall Line and Fall Line R posts are built to order then put through a series of tests prior to leaving our shop to insure top quality.

This is typically around a 5-8 day assembly and testing period


It’s not often that companies list IS/ZS/EC when listing the headset type on their spec sheets. If the information isn’t readily available online you will need to remove your fork and take a look at what you have.

 IS Headsets: These IS headsets are defined by having the bearing seat that the headset bearing rests on being built into the frame as one piece. This can be found in both Aluminum and Carbon frames. Compatible versions of the IS headsets include IS41/IS52 and IS42/IS52 To tell the difference between an IS42 and an IS41, you can measure the OD of the bearing itself. An IS41 would have a 41.0mm OD and the IS42 would have a 41.8mm OD.

 ZS/EC Headsets: These headsets are defined by having a separate bearing cup that is added to the frame to support the headset bearing. ZS (meaning Zero Stack) bearing cups will be press fit into the frame with the bearing inside the frame. EC (External Cups) will be press fit into the frame but house thebearing outside of the frame in an external cup.

If you still aren't sure what headset your bike is, contact the frame manufacture or your local bike shop

The OD of the Upper IS Slack-R cup is 34.5mm, and the OD of the Lower IS Slack-R cup is 44.5mm. If your bearing seat bore is less than that some sanding may be required. Also be aware of any cables, head tube badges that are inset, or other obstructions that may require modification.

IS42S was created for Specialized bikes that have an IS42 upper headset but it is much deeper than standard IS42. To insure the Slack-R kit rested on the bearing seat and not the exterior of the frame, we made a deeper upper cup to accomodate thoise specific headsets. Not all Specialized use the IS42S version. For more information Click This Link

Yes, Slack-R can be ran in reverse to steepen your HTA, the effect will be less dramatic due to the added stack between fork and frame. Click Here for a Deeper Look into How Slack-R Effects Geometry

The special Slack-R install tool is included with all kits in the box for the Tensioner.