Fall Line R Dropper Seatpost


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Length x Stroke
Head Style

Conversion Kits (Optional)
Seatpost Clamps (Optional)


  • Black-Ti coated Titanium hardware. Anti-galling.
  • State-of-the-art rotational anti-backlash design (Patented).
  • Light weight: from 322g post only!
  • Independent adjustment of the seat angle and seat fore/aft position
  • Micro-adjustable seat angle.
  • Telescopic lock in push and pull (pick up your bike by the saddle!)
  • 2 year warranty

Note: The OFFSET CR 25mm Head can only be ran with the offset to the rear. Running it in reverse as a forward offset, will NOT work.

Custom Stroke Lengths: are available in 4mm or 25mm increments to get you the perfect fitment for your dropper. 

Contact customer service if you would like a Custom Stroke Length

The Lightest Dropper Post

The Remote of Your Choice.

Add any 9point8 remote of your choice (extra cost). Other remotes may not be compatible.

Lengths to Suite Every Rider

Select the perfect length for you. See the DRAWING and FIT tab for full fitment information. For shorter stroke options, see our 75-150mm Dropper Seatpost.

Reliable Mechanical Droploc Technology

Learn more about our dropper seatpost technology here.

    Sizes 30.9mm 31.6mm
    Stroke 75, 100 ,125, 150mm
    Increment Infinite
    Seat Rail Shape/Size 7mm Round, or 7 - 10mm Oval
    Seat Rail Material Metal or Carbon
    Length 275mm-435mm
    Remote Cable Length Provided 1600mm
    Cable Routing Internal Only
    Seat rail clamp Inline/Offset 0mm/25mm

    Size Length Stroke Weight (Post Only/Installed)



    275 x 75 275mm 75mm 322g/384g 336g/398g
    315 x 100 315mm 100mm 340g/402g 354g/416g
    375 x 125 375mm 125mm 376g/438g 396g/458g
    435 x 150 435mm 150mm 414g/476g 436g/498g

     Installed Weight includes: Inline Head, ThumB Remote, and 1200mm of Cable

    FREE TorqueKey™ with every Fall Line™

    The Fall Line™ seatpost comes with a Free TorqueKey™, so that you can set-up your seatpost exactly right. And you can use this handy tool for your other components, like stems, too!


    The Fall Line™ dropper seatpost allows you to infinitely adjust the height of the post in a new way.  A mechanical brake locks the post in position without having to circulate large amounts of hydraulic fluid.  It's lighter, more reliable, and has faster return speeds.  The mechanical lock is SPRING actuated, so even if air pressure is lost, the post still locks in any position (but of course the post will not return without help).  Now that is reliability!


    The Fall Line™ has a beautiful air damping system that ensures a fast, smooth return without excessive speeds.


    The Fall Line™ uses the highly coveted bottom 'stealth' entry for bikes that have internal routing options.  Unlike other posts, the Fall Line™ has a NO TOOLS easy disconnect. This means you can easily install and remove the post anytime without having to cut the cable! The cable connection has an ANTI-PULL design which means adjusting the height of the post will not effect cable tension. 


    Length x Stroke

    Lower Tube Length

    Min Insertion

    Height at Max Insertion

    Height at Min Insertion

    275 x 75mm 139mm 90mm 133.5mm 183mm 
    315 x 100mm 154mm 90mm 158.5mm 223mm 
    375 x 125mm 189mm 90mm 183.5mm 283mm 
    435 x 150mm 224mm 110mm 208.5mm 323mm 


    Want to convert your Fall Line™ from one head to the other? Simply purchase the appropriate conversion kit here.

    FRAME GEOMETRY. The Fall Line seatpost works well with most mountain bike geometries. Some frames with extreme seat tube angles and rearward saddle position may pose problems. Some frames with curved or interrupted seat tubes may experience post depth insertion issues. Please check the drawing to ensure that it will work with your cockpit.

    INTERNAL 'STEALTH' CABLE ROUTING. The Fall Line™ uses an internal cable routing configuration that attaches to the bottom of the post.  Many new bikes are ready to accept the internally routed cables.  Some customers choose to make a cable entry location on the seat tube of their existing bike. 

    SEAT TUBE DIAMETER. The Fall Line seatpost works well on any mountain bike that uses a seatpost that is either 30.9mm diameter, 31.6mm diameter, or 34.9mm diameter.  

    SADDLE INTERFACE. The Fall Line seatpost works with standard 7mm rail saddles.

    HANDLE BAR REMOTE. The Fall Line seatpost trigger and ThumB levers work with most brake and shifter configurations. Click on either either the DIGIT2.0THUMB , or TRIGGER for more info, fitment examples, etc. 

    Lengths Compared Chart

    Click the image for a downloadable PDF or click here.


    Fall Line R installation is just like Fall Line installation. Fall Line R re-lube is just like Fall Line re-lube.
    Fall Line R reset is just like Fall Line reset. ThumB Arranagements are just like the Fall Line

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