The 9point8™ Zero°™ seatpost clamps are strong, light, and superbly engineered. The Quick Release (QR) version uses an engineered polymer bushing to ensure that the anodized aluminum handle and clamp ring do not gall each other.

Use our seatpost clamp with ANY seatpost; the Zero°™ clamps work equally well with a 9point8™ seatpost or any rigid or dropper post.

All Zero° seatpost clamps use our Black Titanium fasteners, which are light, strong, and anti-galling.  No lubrication required for years and years of service.

Looking for a bolted, lighter seatpost clamp? Check out our ultralight Zero° Bolted Seatpost Clamp here.



See the FIT tab above for how to measure your seat tube, to select the correct size.