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Handlebar Diameter
Stem Length

The 9point8™ Stout™ Stem is strong, light, and uses 7075 aluminum and innovative weight-saving designs. 


The 9point8™ Stout™ Stem is strong, light, and uses 7075 aluminum and innovative weight-saving designs.

7075 ALUMINUM. Higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to commonly used 6061 Aluminum.

DESIGNED FOR MANUFACTURING. Optimally designed for removal of excess material from the inside of the stem.

WEIGHT WHERE IT MATTERS. The stem body interfaces the handlebar less than 180° effectively moving the weight to the low profile stem caps.

Handlebar Diameter



31.8mm 30mm 113g
31.8mm 40mm 126g
31.8mm 50mm 140g
35mm 32mm 115g
35mm 40mm 125g
35mm 50mm 139g
  • Cross Country or Enduro? Use it how you would like, we're not going to tell you what to do
  • Accommodates either aluminum or carbon handlebars both 31.8 and 35mm
  • The Stout Stem ships with a Torque Key and steel fasteners
  • Purchase the titanium fastener kit to drop an additional 14 grams


Handlebar Diameter [H]

Length [L]

Stack Height [S]

Steer Tube


31.8mm 30mm 36mm 28.6mm 113g
31.8mm 40mm 36mm 28.6mm 126g
31.8mm 50mm 36mm 28.6mm 140g
35mm 32mm 38mm 28.6mm 115g
35mm 40mm 38mm 28.6mm 125g
35mm 50mm 38mm 28.6mm 139g


Stout stem still not light enough? Consider opting for Titanium Fasteners and save 14g!

Download the PDF by clicking on the image, or clicking here.

Measure your handlebar to get the correct diameter. You can measure with a caliper (best) but even a ruler will do. Measured size may not be exactly nominal; choose the closest fit, or confirm with the handlebar manufacturer.

Compatible only with 28.6mm [1 1/8"] steer tubes.

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