Zero° Bolted Seatpost Clamp MKII


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Zero° Bolted Seatpost Clamp MKII

Redesigned to be stronger and more robust

The 9point8™ Zero°™ seatpost clamps are strong, light, and superbly engineered. The Bolted version is extremely strong and lightweight.

Use our seatpost clamp with ANY seatpost; the Zero° clamps work equally well with a 9point8 seatpost or any rigid or dropper post.

All Zero° seatpost clamps use our Black Titanium fasteners, which are light, strong, and anti-galling.  No lubrication required for years and years of service.


Looking for a Quick Release seatpost clamp? Check out our Zero° QR Seatpost Clamp here. 

31.8mm Bolted (SKU 0000-1500)
Seat Tube Outside Diameter 31.8mm
Weight 16.7g
Hex Key Size 4mm
34.9mm Bolted (SKU 0000-1501)
Seat Tube Outside Diameter 34.9mm
Weight 17.4g
Hex Key Size 4mm
36.4mm Bolted (SKU 0000-1502)
Seat Tube Outside Diameter 36.4mm
Weight 18.0g
Hex Key Size 4mm


Zero°™ Seatpost Clamps can be installed in either orientation
0000-0418 zerodeg bolted fore 210 1410000-0418 zerodeg bolted aft 210 141
0000-0418 zerodeg bolted on bike fore 210 1410000-0418 zerodeg bolted on bike aft 210 141

The inscribed arrow can be used to indicate the front or rear of the seat tube.

Measure your seat tube to get the correct diameter.  You can measure with a caliper (best) but even a ruler will do.  Measured size may not be exactly nominal; choose the closest fit, or confirm with the frame manufacturer.

Measuring a 34.9mm diameter Seat Tube

Measuring a 31.8mm diameter Seat Tube

Measuring a 36.4mm diameter Seat Tube

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