FRAME GEOMETRY. The Fall Line seatpost works well with most mountain bike geometries. Some frames with extreme seat tube angles and rearward saddle position may pose problems. Some frames with curved or interrupted seat tubes may experience post depth insertion issues. Please check the drawing to ensure that it will work with your cockpit.

INTERNAL 'STEALTH' CABLE ROUTING. The Fall Line™ uses an internal cable routing configuration that attaches to the bottom of the post.  Many new bikes are ready to accept the internally routed cables.  Some customers choose to make a cable entry location on the seat tube of their existing bike. 

SEAT TUBE DIAMETER. The Fall Line seatpost works well on any mountain bike that uses a seatpost that is either 30.9mm diameter, 31.6mm diameter, or 34.9mm diameter.  

SADDLE INTERFACE. The Fall Line seatpost works with standard 7mm rail saddles.

HANDLE BAR REMOTE. The Fall Line seatpost trigger and ThumB levers work with most brake and shifter configurations. Click on either either the DIGIT2.0THUMB , or TRIGGER for more info, fitment examples, etc. 

Lengths Compared Chart

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