PRESS RELEASE: 9point8™ Fall Line R™

PRESS RELEASE: 9point8™ Fall Line R™

The world of dropper posts just changed forever; the lightest production dropper post is available now.

December 7, 2018, Ancaster Canada

Introducing the Fall Line R dropper from 9point8. Lighter than competitor’s light-weight droppers, the 75mm stroke version weighs only 322g (with inline head) and is the world’s lightest dropper post. The installed weight* is less than 390g! Longer strokes also available. MSRP $399USD plus remote.

“Engineering is lighter than carbon.”

The Fall Line R is the next step in droppers from 9point8, taking what was learned with the Fall Line; making it even lighter and even more reliable. Weight reduction has been achieved through rigorous engineering, allowing us to produce long-stroke dropper posts, even lighter than competitor’s cuttable posts. There is no rider weight limit for the Fall Line R. Cross country racing is one application, but it will perform equally well on trail bikes and enduro; anywhere that weight savings is desirable.

Size Length Stroke Weight (Post Only with Head/Installed with Head*)



435 x 150 435mm 150mm 414g/476g 436g/498g
375 x 125 375mm 125mm 376g/438g 396g/458g
315 x 100 315mm 100mm 340g/402g 354g/416g
275 x 75 275mm 75mm 322g/384g 336g/398g


Available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters.Compatible with the 9point8 ThumB, Trigger, and Digit remotes.Titanium fasteners, saddle mount with independent fore-aft and angle adjust.

The Fall Line R is available with a new interchangeable, lightweight Inline or Offset head that is compatible with both carbon oval rail saddles and 7mm round rail saddles.

The Fall Line R also features a new, easier-than-ever-to-service Collar Nut that can be removed by hand. No tools required!

The Fall Line R stroke can be tuned to each rider’s exact needs with new, simple, plastic spacers.

The Fall Line R will be available to purchase through 9point8 authorized resellers and from

The Fall Line R is made by 9point8 in Ancaster Ontario Canada. The Fall Line R shares infinite mechanical DropLoc™ technology with 9point8’s other dropper posts.

*Installed weight includes the Fall Line R with Inline head, 1200mm of lightweight Cable and Housing, ThumB lever w/o 1X adapter.

About 9point8: 9point8 is located in Ancaster, Ontario CANADA. 9point8 is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative, high performance bicycle components. 9point8’s Fall Line mechanical dropper post, with DropLoc technology, has set the standard for reliability and performance.