PRESS RELEASE: 9point8™ Digit2.0™

PRESS RELEASE: 9point8™ Digit2.0™

August 19, 2020, Ancaster Canada
Now introducing the new and improved 9point8 Digit 2.0™ Lever! Everything you loved about the 9point8 Digit but better! We kept the same lever pull ratio to give you the low remote action force but re-designed the bar clamp to increase the range of the lever position on your handlebar. We have also provided a CNC machined pocket on the bearing hub to tuck away the cable end to give your handlebar setup a sleeker look. Also gone is the plastic axle which has been replaced with a stronger aluminum one-piece axle. We maintained the signature grippy thumb pad and sealed ball bearing pivot. The Digit2.0 is available with integrated mounts of Shimano IS-B, Shimano IS-II, Shimano IS-EV and Sram Matchmaker. 42g with the 22mm bar clamp. Digit2.0 is designed and manufactured by 9point8.
9point8 Digit2.0 Press Release
Digit2.0 Fitment Chart
Adjustment Range; Digit2.0
Adjustment Example Inboard
Adjustment Example Inboard Second
Digit2.0 Close Up Free Cable
Cable End Position: Digit Free Cable End

Digit2.0 Close Up Hidden Cable In Process
Cable End Position: Digit2.0 Hidden Cable End (In-Process)
Close Up Hidden Cable
Cable End Position: Digit2.0 Hidden Cable End

Digit2.0 I Spec II

Shimano I-Spec II

Digit2.0 I Spec EV

Shimano I-Spec EV

 Digit2.0 I Spec B

Shimano I-Spec B

Digit2.0 Matchmaker

Sram Matchmaker

Digit 2.0 Brake Adapter Mounts
Available Online Here!

The Digit 2.0 is available now at or through your local bike shop. 
Works with any cable operated dropper post